11 Days into Ritual

I don’t know that I’ve really noticed any changes on taking Ritual, as I was and am still preoccupied with having this cold. I want to believe that my hair is coming in slightly thicker than it was, but I don’t have any definitive proof of that, since I didn’t take a starting sample.  It kind of feels thicker, but that also might be due to me being due for a hair cut. I have an appointment on Wednesday, but frankly, I didn’t tell my stylist to cut it short enough, last time, so maybe it’s just shaggy.

Also, the minty-ness of these capsules do not preclude fish burps, which is weird because the omega 3 oil used in these capsules is supposed to be vegan. I guess algae-based omega 3 oil still tastes like sardines.


Since the last post, I had contracted a cold. I suspect I got it from my birthday outing at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where there were lots of children running around.

Anyway, it was bad enough that I was laid up with cramps almost immediately after the outing. My period had come unexpectedly. I started tracking it diligently since I came off of hormonal birth control and had finally gotten a pattern down to about every two months. I’d gotten it last month, so I was not exactly expecting it. And then, a couple days later, the cold.

I was hoping it wasn’t a cold; I was hoping it was allergies due to the seasons starting to change. It didn’t feel like a cold, at first, but then it hit pretty hard on the second day.  I was irrationally embittered that the Ritual multivitamin I had started the day before did not somehow boost my immune system, even though there aren’t any particular claims to that purpose. Even if there were, the virus was probably in my system before I started taking the pill, anyway.

Again, I recognize that my bitterness was irrational.

My ears are still a little plugged and my throat’s still kind of scratchy, but I feel much better today.

I’d also hurt my right shoulder, last week, having not warmed up properly before doing resistance training. I’ve been a hard time reaching for glasses in the upper cabinets. I’m a little sad that I haven’t done any rowing in a while, and only yesterday did I start doing long walks with the dog, again, but the shoulder is better, today and I was able to do about fifteen minutes of doubles hooping without stressing it, much.

It’s still a bit tetchy, though, so I don’t think I’ll be playing Beat Saber or rowing again until at least next week.


My doctor recommended I go on a multivitamin. I’d taken D and B supplements, before, but the recommended intake was always something weird, like a certain pill every other day, so I’d forget. I tried using a weekly pill box to manage when I was taking them, but I’m so lazy I couldn’t get the system to stick. Now that I have to take certain pills three times a day, I came up with a system where I shuffle my bottles between the two shelves of my nightstand. It is slightly less effort than taking a few minutes every week to dole them out into tiny boxes.

In the evening, all the bottles start in a box on the bottom shelf. I take all of the pills, then I put the Metformin and the Glipizide on the top shelf. In the morning, I take the Metformin and Glipizide, then put the Glipizide back in the box on the bottom shelf. Around 11, I take the Metformin, and place it in the box with the rest of the pills. If I’m going somewhere, I slip the pill with my glucose monitor, so I have it with me. If I forget to take a pill, I know, because, depending on the time of day, an extra bottle will be sitting on the shelf.

Today, I started on the Ritual multivitamin. I was kind of skeptical, but I kept seeing it all over Instagram and Facebook, and the majority of the reviews I found were generally positive. After doing some math, I realized I had been paying more for two separate vitamins I’d generally forget to take than the $30 monthly subscription for “the essential supplements for women.” So, on my 36th birthday, I caved and ordered it.

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Safe, Long-Term Weight Loss

I read somewhere that major long-term weight loss is challenging, but that there’s roughly a 20% success rate with people who have maintained a loss of 10% of their weight for  a year or longer.

I did the math, and I have already maintained a loss of about 16% for a year. If I think of my current weight as my base weight, the goal I currently have set in my fitness app is another 15%, which, considering what I’ve lost, should be do-able.

I’m doing this, of course, keeping in mind that weight and BMI are not the only indicators of good health, and being at a certain number is not the be-all end-all. I do, however, need some kind of metric of measurement, and weight is fairly easily accessible.

The goal in my fitness app is not my final goal, either, but it is probably a good goal for a year. They also say that after 2-5 years, it gets easier, so… I will try to be in it for the long haul, I guess.

Hello, Old Friend.

I was cleaning up my main website, after I realized that the last update I made was in January of 2016. I cut away a lot of things I was hoarding for sentimentality’s sake, because the reason to have a portfolio is to showcase things you’re proud of. Things that really work for you, not just things you keep because you’ve invested some time in them.

I was going to delete this blog, but this isn’t a portfolio, exactly. It’s me, or an aspect of me, and a constant work-in-progress, even though I abandoned it, for a little while. I am a constant work-in-progress. So instead of deleting this, I’ve decided to reinvest some time in it.

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2015 WIP Week 17

Points Scored: 35 | Avg. BGL: 138.0 | Weight: 213.7

So, hooray! My bgl is down, and I no longer weigh 225. But I’ve still been pretty lazy since I’ve returned from Japan.  Everything is slow going… We’ve been back a dozen days and I’m just recently recovered from the dizzy spells and jet lag, and I’ve only documented the third day in my travelogue. I’m not quite done mailing out presents to family, either.

On top of that, it’s been hard for me to focus on trying to get out every day when my altered meds have a tendency to get me low.  I went on a long walk with Science the other day and wound up at Peterson’s Doughnut Corner even though I’m supposed to have erased it from my personal landscape… because I was experiencing a low and did not have anything on me to compensate. So I guess it’s back to carrying around emergency supplies, again. Jolly Ranchers, I think, because they’re my least favorite hard candy and therefore probably the most convenient thing to have on my person as I won’t be tempted to snack on them.

I’ll try to get at least a C next week, and hopefully do more cooking at home.  I’m going to substitute hooping for poi for a little while, too, until the house is less of a disaster.

Back from Vacation

I have returned from Japan! I will start scoring my card starting Wednesday, first graded post next week. If I can find my score card… might have to reprint it.

Blood sugars were pretty much between low and normal range all trip, probably because we were walking everywhere, though.  Also, it seemed like Japanese sweets are barely sweet except for mochi and bean-paste based desserts.  Ben and I shared a cute doughnut in the shape of a seal wearing a live preserver one night.  It was covered in frosting and my mouth was preparing for it to taste like a Krispy Kreme, but it was like slightly sweet almond bread.  I don’t know how they managed to get their frosting to the consistency it was without the sweetness! Maybe they used corn flour? Anyway.

Unfortunately, I’ve gained 15 pounds. Part of this is probably vacation weight, but a lot of it is probably from getting my medication switched back to pioglitazone.  I remember getting suddenly extra fat when they put me on it, then having to work to lose the weight through calorie counting and exercise.  Then, when we moved in with my in-laws, I got lenient and put on about 15 pounds again, which put me at the 205-207 range where I’d been lately.  To be honest, I was pretty okay there. Technically overweight, but I felt like my body could mostly do what I wanted it to do.  Right now, I feel literally physically uncomfortable.  So now that my blood sugars seem to be checking, I’m back to re-prioritizing weight loss.

Maybe recover from jet lag, first.  I swear to glob, I must have the flight equivalent of sea-legs (air-legs?).  Wonder how long it takes to wear off… since it affected me on-and-off pretty much throughout the trip.

2015 WIP Week 13


Points Scored: 50 | Avg. BGL: 181.5 

Welp, my hot press laminator got used last week.  I made a pocket tally sheet to make sure I’m doing my health tasks, or most of them, anyway.  There are 70 tasks, but some of them aren’t dailies, so I grade on a curve.  I think I’m going to have to re-evaluate how I score, but for now this is sufficient.  I know I did well on the counter app I was using before, but I was feeling crafty.  We’ll see how it goes.

Pushing the Restart Button

Last night, I decided to do heavy hoop practice.  It’s the first time I’d done it in a long time, since I’ve been doing poi or using polypros, and it felt strange… like, even though I was doing the same things with the polypro hoops, my muscles felt under-utilized.

So, I’m going to refocus.  Goals:

  • Reshape my personal landscape to avoid temptation. I already actively make good choices at home, but I need to focus on making better choices outside of the home.  ∴ Peterson’s, Rita’s, and Escogelato do not exist except on birthdays.
  • Remember that I am responsible for my own choices and that the best thing I can do to deal with temptation (read: Ben’s non-gloop diet) is to be a good role model.
  • 5 days a week hoop practice, 20m
  • 5 days a week, walk the dog to Grand
  • 10-15m yoga stretches, push-ups, crunches before bed daily
  • Bring back WIP Wednesday; figure out a new grading or progress system for that

I also want to make sure I’m rounding out my hoop and poi practice, so 10/20 should be heavy-hooping on the waist, chest, and hips, 5/20 should be reversals and/or leg-hooping (at least until I become competent and can do more), and the rest can be light hoops, hand tricks, isos, or vertical plane work