2015 WIP Week 17

Points Scored: 35 | Avg. BGL: 138.0 | Weight: 213.7

So, hooray! My bgl is down, and I no longer weigh 225. But I’ve still been pretty lazy since I’ve returned from Japan.  Everything is slow going… We’ve been back a dozen days and I’m just recently recovered from the dizzy spells and jet lag, and I’ve only documented the third day in my travelogue. I’m not quite done mailing out presents to family, either.

On top of that, it’s been hard for me to focus on trying to get out every day when my altered meds have a tendency to get me low.  I went on a long walk with Science the other day and wound up at Peterson’s Doughnut Corner even though I’m supposed to have erased it from my personal landscape… because I was experiencing a low and did not have anything on me to compensate. So I guess it’s back to carrying around emergency supplies, again. Jolly Ranchers, I think, because they’re my least favorite hard candy and therefore probably the most convenient thing to have on my person as I won’t be tempted to snack on them.

I’ll try to get at least a C next week, and hopefully do more cooking at home.  I’m going to substitute hooping for poi for a little while, too, until the house is less of a disaster.

Back from Vacation

I have returned from Japan! I will start scoring my card starting Wednesday, first graded post next week. If I can find my score card… might have to reprint it.

Blood sugars were pretty much between low and normal range all trip, probably because we were walking everywhere, though.  Also, it seemed like Japanese sweets are barely sweet except for mochi and bean-paste based desserts.  Ben and I shared a cute doughnut in the shape of a seal wearing a live preserver one night.  It was covered in frosting and my mouth was preparing for it to taste like a Krispy Kreme, but it was like slightly sweet almond bread.  I don’t know how they managed to get their frosting to the consistency it was without the sweetness! Maybe they used corn flour? Anyway.

Unfortunately, I’ve gained 15 pounds. Part of this is probably vacation weight, but a lot of it is probably from getting my medication switched back to pioglitazone.  I remember getting suddenly extra fat when they put me on it, then having to work to lose the weight through calorie counting and exercise.  Then, when we moved in with my in-laws, I got lenient and put on about 15 pounds again, which put me at the 205-207 range where I’d been lately.  To be honest, I was pretty okay there. Technically overweight, but I felt like my body could mostly do what I wanted it to do.  Right now, I feel literally physically uncomfortable.  So now that my blood sugars seem to be checking, I’m back to re-prioritizing weight loss.

Maybe recover from jet lag, first.  I swear to glob, I must have the flight equivalent of sea-legs (air-legs?).  Wonder how long it takes to wear off… since it affected me on-and-off pretty much throughout the trip.

2015 WIP Week 13


Points Scored: 50 | Avg. BGL: 181.5 

Welp, my hot press laminator got used last week.  I made a pocket tally sheet to make sure I’m doing my health tasks, or most of them, anyway.  There are 70 tasks, but some of them aren’t dailies, so I grade on a curve.  I think I’m going to have to re-evaluate how I score, but for now this is sufficient.  I know I did well on the counter app I was using before, but I was feeling crafty.  We’ll see how it goes.

Pushing the Restart Button

Last night, I decided to do heavy hoop practice.  It’s the first time I’d done it in a long time, since I’ve been doing poi or using polypros, and it felt strange… like, even though I was doing the same things with the polypro hoops, my muscles felt under-utilized.

So, I’m going to refocus.  Goals:

  • Reshape my personal landscape to avoid temptation. I already actively make good choices at home, but I need to focus on making better choices outside of the home.  ∴ Peterson’s, Rita’s, and Escogelato do not exist except on birthdays.
  • Remember that I am responsible for my own choices and that the best thing I can do to deal with temptation (read: Ben’s non-gloop diet) is to be a good role model.
  • 5 days a week hoop practice, 20m
  • 5 days a week, walk the dog to Grand
  • 10-15m yoga stretches, push-ups, crunches before bed daily
  • Bring back WIP Wednesday; figure out a new grading or progress system for that

I also want to make sure I’m rounding out my hoop and poi practice, so 10/20 should be heavy-hooping on the waist, chest, and hips, 5/20 should be reversals and/or leg-hooping (at least until I become competent and can do more), and the rest can be light hoops, hand tricks, isos, or vertical plane work

My New Nutritionist

The last time I visited my doctor, I requested a referral to a nutritionist, partly because I had a few questions I wanted to discuss with a registered health professional specializing in nutrition, and partly because I was hoping to find a support system other than my doctor, who is well-meaning but not necessarily the most motivating person.  Yesterday was my first meeting with Janice.

I had my spiel ready. (I’d just come from my new optometrist, who had also heard the spiel since he also seemed very interested in my history.) Diagnosed in spring of ’08, turning point hospitalization in summer, one on one counseling with Diane, struggle for a year, success for a year, new insurance, downward spiral with lack of support from carousel of doctors at Kaiser, beginning to improve again with Doc and Endo in CV, new insurance and hesitancy at choosing new doctor, meds running out at Christmas, critical mass, new new Doc being well-meaning but kind of demoralizing.  I got to about, “there was a lovely woman who helped me a lot at the South Bay Clinic who worked with Project Dulce; her name was Diane-” when she said, “Oh! I know Diane! She is a lovely woman! Diane is wonderful! Some people have said we’re like sisters.”

I immediately burst into tears.  They were mostly happy tears, but I was pretty much in hysterics for half the session.  I didn’t realize how bad I’d missed the support or how hopeless I had been feeling about the whole thing until that moment.  And we talked about a lot of the same things Diane and I had talked about.  I mean, maybe it’s silly… because a lot of it were things I know.  And I do recall having the same feeling of I know what I’m supposed to be doing going in the first time seeing Diane… But I guess I did need help internalizing it, again.

She did tell me a few things about my medication my last endo failed to inform me about… apart from eventually losing its effectiveness, a side effect is hunger and weight gain. YAY. I mean, I had always assumed the weight gain had to do with the sugar metabolizing and going where it’s supposed to rather than sitting in my bloodstream.  Which,  yeah, that is true.  But the hunger thing? News to me.  Eating more aggravates the problem in the first place!

Apparently there are other medicines that do not have this side effect and also don’t cause hypos, either, but I would need to talk to an endo.

Well.  I really felt good about the meeting. I mean, I hated having to cry it out with a stranger, but it was almost like talking to Diane again, and I guess it was cathartic.

So, let me tell you how it’s been.

I have been pretty consistent about doing about 15 minutes of yoga stretches and breathing exercises when I wake up in the morning and just before bed.  The bedtime yoga stretches are followed by push-ups, squats, and jumping jacks.  Sometimes I will follow this with 20 minutes of hooping and poi, other times, I will substitute a long session of hooping and/or poi.

I have begun to refocus on legwork in hooping.  I still can’t do much of anything, but I balance pretty well, and I’ve been practicing what I think of as a foot isolation: lying on the floor and doing mini isolations with my feet in the air.  Sometimes I forget to breathe and it startles me how laborious this particular task is.

The dog gets a long walk about every other day.  I love how excited she gets when I say “walk,” but usually about the time we hit 9th Avenue, she starts getting nervous and edgy.  This is probably my fault for taking something she loves (going on walks) and turning it into a traumatic experience (walking to the groomer on 9th.)   By the time we’ve reached Grand, she is pulling like we’re going somewhere BAD, even though Grand is totally in a different direction than the groomer.  Poor dog.  Maybe she’ll get used to it?

I discovered recently that I think my new doctor has the sort of misguided attitudes about weight that have caused me to be self-loathing  in the past; the same kinds of attitudes that have been counter-productive toward my over-all well-being and maintenance of diabetes.  These are hurdles that I managed to cross with Diane, that had helped me better manage my diabetes before I was thrust through the revolving door of Kaiser.  Now that I’m on Anthem and can pick my doctor, you would think I’d just pick another one.  But I’ve seen New Doctor three times, now, and the whole reason I picked this one is because she seems like a person I could build a rapport with.  She genuinely wants to be helpful, and I understand where her attitudes come from and the kind of narrow spectrum of scientific information she would use to back up these ideas.

Which is probably why I’m going to try and stick it out with her rather than starting from scratch with another doc.  She does listen and genuinely wants to help, though I haven’t tried to argue with her about the weight thing because it’s not something I easily leave emotions out of when discussing person-to-person, and I don’t want her thinking I’m being irrational about it.  I think once we know each other better we could probably come to some kind of mutual understanding.

Sometimes I wonder what other people’s relationships with their doctors are like. Do they even think of it as a relationship?  I mean, to be honest, I never did until I had to start going in for regular maintenance, so now it’s important to me that I have a “medical family” that I can trust.

Anyway, that’s my rant.

Tangentially related: I’m giving myself some hooping homework, which is to go through my soundtrack tag and build up a couple of Spotify playlists for different hooping/poi moods. I abandoned Pandora after some billing shenanigans and wonder why I haven’t just been using Spotify.  It’s so much better.


I picked up a pair of LED poi last month, which is what I’ve been practicing with for the last couple of weeks.  The 2 and 3 beat weave as well as “threading the needle” translate pretty easily, but it’s getting kind of mundane, so I just wanted to link to this list of tutorials for future reference.

Also, a link to a brief history of poi with a video of actual Maori New Zealanders spinning.