New Format

After many hours over a period of weeks, I’ve finally funneled my site’s content into WordPress. The idea is that I would perhaps actually come up with new content now that it’s easier to manage. Not that the old format was particularly difficult to manage, but WordPress is certainly quicker and more convenient than making a new html page from scratch, every time. I do like the “faux-laroids” from my old site, though, so intend to keep using them. You’ll find them, if you look around.

At any rate, there are things I’ve cut away that I doubt will be missed… and things I have added! For instance, this year’s Comic Con costumes have been added to Cosplay. I also didn’t realize I had neglected to make a page for Ben’s Companion Cube Hobo costume… until now. I’d forgotten I made a funny gif of his encounter with Chell at Anime Expo, so if you’ve never seen it or if you’ve forgotten, you should check it out and have a giggle.

I’ve also begun collecting “inspirational hooping media” on a page called Infinite Loop. Probably many of these things I’ve reblogged on tumblr, but I’d like to have them concentrated in one place so that I can look at them any time I start feeling like I want to slack off on my hooping practice. Tumblr is rather a messy sort of place, and while it’s often pretty and interesting, it’s hard to find specific things. At least, it’s hard to find specific things on my tumblr, since I neglect to tag and caption, rendering the search function there useless.

Enjoy! Or not. To each, their own. ;P