Coronado Island, August 2013. Photo by Katie Larson.
Coronado Island, August 2013. Photo by Katie Larson.

Katherine Valdoria (b. 31 August 1982) has a bit of what you might call “creative ADD.”  As a result, she graduated from UCSD having majored in Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts.  What that means, besides possessing some amount of literacy in art and computers, is anyone’s guess.  This site is basically her detritus of half-baked projects.  In addition to making “stuff” and “noise,” she delights in curating her personal collection of dolls and miniatures, bemoans her sporadic reading habits, and is an avid hula hoop enthusiast.

On 3 October 2009, Katherine married Benjamin “Slowest Zombie” Peterson in a lavish rock-and-roll ceremony, which left many people full of music, food, and booze, and a handful of people questioning the legality of their union.  Katherine and Benjamin currently live with their Welsh corgi, Science, in Southern California.

She can be contacted via Twitter or Facebook. If you have to say something longer than 140 characters, ask for her e-mail via Direct Message.

Katherine does not usually make a habit of referring herself in third-person.

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