Thirty Something is a semi-autobiographical web comic about yours truly. “Semi” because only about 30% of my life is entertaining enough to be comic-worthy (up from 10% before I met my husband, plus another 5% since we got a puppy) and also because I like to make things up.  “Autobiographical” because… well, write what you know, right?

(It has been on an unofficial indefinite hiatus since April 2013, though I’m trying to figure out a good update schedule, since I do have scripts and I am still writing it.) Eh… let’s just call a dead thing dead.  I’m sad about never getting around to draw my other scripts, but I’ll live. This comic on the other hand, not so much.

It was neat while it lasted, though.  If you take the 10 or so minutes to read it all, you can sort of see how my drawing style was beginning to solidify.


So Not Happening is the semi-autobiographical webcomic I began in college and never finished.


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