Soft Sculpture

If you are interested in purchasing one, please see the Shiny Jumble Storenvy for pricing and availability.

Pug for Jimmy. January 2015. Wool fiber.

Photos coming soon.

Very Bad Elf. December 2014. Felted head ~5″, resting on a standard bottle of Very Bad Elf Ale. Wool fiber, glass bottle, cotton thread, leaf pins, jingle bell, copper wire, synthetic felt cloth.

elf-bottle elf-close elf-flash-1 elf-flash-2 elf-flash-3 elf-no-flash-1 elf-no-flash-2 elf-no-flash-3

Beezle. September 2014. 3.5″. Wool fiber, waxed cotton thread, copper wire.

beezle-1 beezle-2 beezle-3

Unico. September 2014. 3″. Wool fiber, waxed cotton thread.

unico-1 unico-2 unico-3 unico-4

Oiseaux. September 2014. 1.5″ Wool fiber.

oiseaux-1 oiseaux-2 oiseaux-3

Science. September 2014. 3″. Wool fiber.

science-1 science-2 science-3 bigscililsci

Asagao. August 2014. 3.75″. Wool fiber.

asagao-1 asagao-2 asagao-3

Peaches. August 2014. 2″. Wool fiber.

peaches-1 peaches-2

Cirrus. August 2014. 3″ Wool fiber.

cirrus-1 cirrus-2 cirrus-3

Glomp. August 2014. 2.5″. Wool fiber, cotton thread, acrylic beads.

glomp-1 glomp-2 glomp-3 glomp-4

Otterlock and Wats-hog. August 2014. 1″-2″. Wool fiber, cotton thread, glass seed beads.

otterlock-1 otterlock-2

Zip. August 2014. 2″. Wool fiber.

zip-1 zip-2

Shadow. August 2014. 2″. Wool fiber.

shadow-1 shadow-2 shadow-3

Osca. August 2014. 3.5″. Wool fiber.

osca-1 osca-2 osca-3 osca-4 osca-5

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