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Ben and I returned from our deferred honeymoon to Japan on the 9th, but I am not adjusting very well to being back in California… probably because I don’t particularly have a schedule to adhere to, apart from my audiobook deadlines… of which the production schedule requires me to be up at odd hours anyway, though I haven’t recorded anything since we’ve returned.  So I should probably set alarms and take long walks or something.  Alas, it’s just not as exciting as sight-seeing every day.  Anyway, I made a little visual digest to the tunes of “Love Letter to Japan” and “Kasa No Hone” by The Bird and the Bee and Anathallo, respectively:

It’s been added to Video.

Happy January!

Well, almost-February!  I finally uploaded photos of the rather terrifying Very Bad Elf bottle cover I needle felted for my brother-in-law for Christmas.  That bad boy took seven hours… and that was just the head.

I still have to pick out the photos of the pug commission I completed earlier this month.  I regret not documenting it better, because I also made a cute little cardboard doghouse for him, too. Ah, well.

The project I’ve really been focused on lately has been the customization of my Batchix Mini-Machina Delta.  I finally finished the body blushing, which was a challenge because I decided not to unstring her to do it.  She’s already got some rubs, but since I was going for a sort of worn look anyway, I don’t mind, too much.


Soft Sculpture

So much for monthly updates!

To address the previous update: I did in fact reopen the Shiny Jumble Storenvy! But only yesterday.  So there’s that.

My recording studio did get set up, but it’s been slow going trying to get a rhythm for narration, so no news on that front.

I’ve added a new page for Soft Sculpture. I’ve really been into needle felting lately.  I’d actually rather be doing that right this second (even more than sleeping, which I will probably actually do after I finish this post since it’s 2ish in the am as I write this), but I’ve been so far behind on documenting my work that I swore I wouldn’t touch anything until the websites got updated. Some pieces are for sale at SJ, since they are doll-sized, but I’m documenting them here instead of making a page on that site because not all of them are necessarily meant as doll props.


April is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.

Here I am at the end of April, and no “real” update, again.  But we’re finally moved in to the point that I’m hoping to reboot some of my projects.  Next month, I hope to announce the re-opening of the Shiny Jumble Storenvy, as I have been working on some new jewelry.  The SJ blog has been marginally active, as I’ve been trying to make room in my new studio by putting some things for sale (and will continue to do so). Also, a new girl arrived.  I did a spring-themed photo shoot last Easter, and ought to be posting the photos imminently.

I also hope to have my recording studio at least partially set up by the end of next month, and try to get back into the practice of recording again.  I will have to hijack Ben’s office closet, as my art supplies currently overflow into the garage.  So, we’ll see how that goes. :P


An update to say… there is no update.  My husband and I are a month in our new house so I’m a little sad to report I have no projects going except for home-improvement projects.

Happy 2014

Here I am at the end of January just now updating! And only sort of.  Things have been kind of in the air, lately, because my husband and I are in the process of relocating.  But! I promised myself at the end of 2013 that I would start doing a monthly update on the main site so that you’d know I was alive, in case you don’t follow whatever project I’m most invested in at the moment.  Currently, that project is myself. Which is why Infinite Loop is the only thing that has been plugged over the past few months.

I did start a new tumblog called Spilt Pixels, which is basically a reblog tumblr for art references.  I tend to use tumblr the same way others use Pinterest, so when my “favorites” get messy enough for me to sense a larger theme, I separate those entries out.  One day I might actually post original art on it. Alas, that day is not today.

Hello? Is there anybody in there?

Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anybody home?

There haven’t actually been any updates to this, the main site.  But regular weekly updates have been happening on my hooping-and-health blog, Infinite Loop.

Also, the Saturday before last was the 5th annual San Diego Ball Jointed Doll convention, so I’d posted about that on Shiny Jumble.  I’ve had a lot of thoughts about what I want to do within the doll hobby and in preparation for next year’s con, so that probably means you can eventually expect some more regular postings over yonder, as well.

Infinite Loop

Infinite Loop, what started as a collection of links to some hooping videos, is now a fully-fledged blog. Or partly-fledged, anyway. Do three posts count as a fully-fledged blog?

Anyway, it will document my journey to better health through hooping and diabetes management.

Well, we’ll see.

New Format

After many hours over a period of weeks, I’ve finally funneled my site’s content into WordPress. The idea is that I would perhaps actually come up with new content now that it’s easier to manage. Not that the old format was particularly difficult to manage, but WordPress is certainly quicker and more convenient than making a new html page from scratch, every time. I do like the “faux-laroids” from my old site, though, so intend to keep using them. You’ll find them, if you look around.

At any rate, there are things I’ve cut away that I doubt will be missed… and things I have added! For instance, this year’s Comic Con costumes have been added to Cosplay. I also didn’t realize I had neglected to make a page for Ben’s Companion Cube Hobo costume… until now. I’d forgotten I made a funny gif of his encounter with Chell at Anime Expo, so if you’ve never seen it or if you’ve forgotten, you should check it out and have a giggle.

I’ve also begun collecting “inspirational hooping media” on a page called Infinite Loop. Probably many of these things I’ve reblogged on tumblr, but I’d like to have them concentrated in one place so that I can look at them any time I start feeling like I want to slack off on my hooping practice. Tumblr is rather a messy sort of place, and while it’s often pretty and interesting, it’s hard to find specific things. At least, it’s hard to find specific things on my tumblr, since I neglect to tag and caption, rendering the search function there useless.

Enjoy! Or not. To each, their own. ;P