Chao from Unico


I don’t have any pictures really featuring my costume  from 2013 because I’d procrastinated and it’s not as accurate as I would have liked it to be.  I purposely chose the manga version of Chao partly because I wanted an excuse to buy red boots and also because I preferred the black dress to the peach one, even though the peach one probably would have been a tad more recognizable.

I really do love that bow, though.  If I could pull it off, I’d probably wear it every day.

Also, it was amusing that since Ben and I are a couple, some people would assume that we were dressed “together” – him as a space janitor and me in a sort of maid-ish looking dress. If I’d had the foresight, I’d have replied that we were cosplaying Chrono Hygienics, a little-known spin off from Chrono Trigger about a time-traveling crew of janitors who clean up after video game battles. Instead, Ben just joked that we were cross-over fanfic.

I was correctly identified as Chao from Unico by three passerby, and incorrectly identified as Kiki, from Kiki’s Delivery Service, though the people who thought I was Kiki were just as amusingly enthusiastic.

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