JTRO from The FP


For those of you not in the know, The FP is perhaps one of the best worst movies ever made. To summarize: in a post-apocalyptic future, gang conflicts are settled by games of Beat Beat Revelation (Dance Dance Revolution). Its awfulness is transcended only by its hilarious absurdity. Watch the first ten minutes on YouTube. Whether you love it or hate it, you can be certain the rest of the movie is of that exact same caliber.

And so, after seeing the limited theatrical screening (in which there were a total of two other nonplussed movie-goers in the theater besides our raucous party of five), it was decided that Ben had to cosplay as the film’s unlikely hero, JTRO. Since we unofficially do matching costumes every other year, I was compelled to abandon my original plan to dress up like Tina from Bob’s Burgers. But since I look nothing remotely like Stacy (JTRO’s paramour), I just made an I Heart FP shirt based loosely on one she wore. I also made a toy duck necklace (“What’s a town with no ducks?” -KCDC) which actually received a number of compliments. Otherwise, I went wholly unrecognized, but Ben had a whopping  eight props! That’s one more than he anticipated and five more than he thought would actually approach him.

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