Added a new song to CopyKat. It's a cover of Disasteradio's Gravy Rainbow. For my husband's birthday. Here is the accompanying music video:

    I'm saying goodbye to, but I don't have the heart to delete the site completely, so it's returning to the mother planet. New address:

    Added Heartbeats to CopyKat. It's a cover of a song by a Swedish band called The Knife and also the first project I've done on my new MacBook Pro. Dunno how I feel about the vocals, or the fact that it's not very faithful to the original, but it's been three days and I'm done waffling.

    Added Surviving A Natural Disaster, one of many songs to be too pretentious to have its title in the song, let alone the refrain, to Kat. In Boots. It's the first song I've written in a Very Long Time. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it, except that I don't think my voice really matches the rest of it.

    I'm not dead yet.

    First, PYC quietly released Primary in December of last year, and as of April of this year, it is now available for purchase on CDBaby and iTunes. I was a little ambivalent about it because it's kind of a far cry from our live performances, but recording it was fun and it's interesting to hear it with instruments besides guitars. I still kind of wish we would record an unplugged version. I suppose it's not entirely out of the question, but our focuses and forces have changed, so it's probably unlikely, at least in the meantime.

    Second, there is new Tuesday's Folly, which will probably be the last Tuesday's Folly until I acquire a new sample library, because I think I've exhausted the ones that I like.

    I'd like to say there's new music from Your Favorite Stranger, but mostly what's in the works is a ghost of an idea from last year that floats in, every now and again, and a public release of some tracks I'd posted only to friends on my livejournal almost over a year ago. Regarding the former, the more time passes between its initial conception and the present, the less likely it seems, to happen. Regarding the latter, I'm still working on the cover art. :P

    I graduate university today! Well, I walk anyhow. I have one more class to take over the summer and I will be finished. Anyway, Mike and I have been working on the Pure Yellow Colour album. We've been bouncing along and have most of the broad strokes done, but there's still lot's of necessary detailing. In the meantime, feel free to download our Green Room Show. Also, if it suits you, there is new Tuesday's Folly:

    Man, I really need to start making more colorful album art.

    New follies for Tuesday. Please to be downloading Symptom of Infatuation:

    I had a bad morning. Added The Plight of the Commuter to Kat. In Boots. It was recorded in the laundry room at school... the very same laundry room of The Laundromat Sessions. You may or may not be able to hear the people playing pool in the other room. I can't tell if it wound up being in the recording, because I'm posting it from the laundry room, and they're still playing pool. Yay for wireless internet.

    Pretty much all of my musical efforts have been diverted toward Pure Yellow Colour. We're about knee-high in new material, but are recording this thing properly, hence the lack of observable progress. By the by, we will be suspending our participation in Lestat's open mic Mondays for the time being... to resume on the 29th and plug our extended 40-minute show at the Twiggs Green Room on Friday, February 2nd (Groundhog Day!). The doors open at 8pm. Our set is at 9:30pm. The cover charge is $10, but there will be other performers. I think the opener that night is going to be Billy Candler.

    So, during the month which I've apparently been absent, I've actually been out and about with Pure Yellow Colour. (On that note, I've updated the club page.) We play Lestat's open mic, so if you're ever in the area on a Monday night, by all means please come. It's only a ten minute slot, and we usually try for some time between 7:50 and 8:10, but given the capricious nature of the lottery, it can be any time between 7 and 11. Either way, there is always something entertaining (or entertainingly frightening) to behold.

    As of late, I've been emotionally charged and doing a lot of song sketching. Some of that has gone into Pure Yellow Colour (the name under which my collaborative efforts with Nebyoolae fall).. we're working on an E.P. and are about 60% there in terms of material, anyway. As for solo projects, I've decided to rework On Love And Other Maladies. Really rework it, as I only plan on retaining about half of the original material. In the meantime, Tuesday's Folly has a new single, to which Trigger Finger Still is now a b-side... if you can really have so-called "b-sides" to on-line mp3-ified singles.

    Wow, almost October already! I've actually written/recorded a couple new songs with Nebyoolae, but we're being picky and secretive, for now. More on that all in good time. I have, however, just sketched out a brief little ditty called Signal, which has been added to Kat. In Boots.

    Added to KiB: Never Love.

    Ladies and gents, we are officially moved! MewKat MewSic now permanently (well, hopefully permanently) resides at, so update your bookmarks. Don't forget to check out Tuesday's Folly: After Vigo Bay.

    Your Favorite Stranger does The Magnetic Fields! Listen to the latest addition to CopyKat.

    Your Favorite Stanger and Nebyoolae hook up the jam. Grab yer boots and go. Also newly added to KiB: On to Nothing.

    Chadwick (a.k.a. Nebyoolae) and yours truly met last night to play and discuss a possible longer-term musical collab. For woot! Could this mean local shows? We know it means good fun and good music. Stay tuned. ;)

    Your Favorite Stranger does The White Stripes! Listen to the latest addition to CopyKat.

    Check out The Laundromat Sessions for two new tracks from Your Favorite Stranger.