Marissa Perry, of, wrote the following goodbye to her website:

In all seriousness, those of you who have followed the strange life of this website know that I am notorious for starting and stopping it on a whim. It’s like an old lover I get nostalgic about and try to resurrect every couple of years, only to realize I am no longer 14 and it is no longer 1999 and some relationships are better left dead.

It pretty much sums up my feelings for, which is interesting to me because I’d thought that we were of a comparable age and our websites have been around for about the same time. In fact, of the numerous vanity TLDs I used to link to when I was younger, hers was one of only three extant at the time I decided to end moonstruck.

I registered in May of 2000 because it alluded, then, to what was one of my favorite manga: Sailor Moon. I kept it for so long because I liked the connotations of the word. I finally let it go because it could never fully become what I needed it to be because it was so connected to what I used to want it to be. Does that make sense? I know it’s silly to be so sentimental over a webpage, but I came of age with it. It was alongside me as I found my identity.

At any rate, the tiles below are a snapshot of but a fraction if its many incarnations.

moon1 moon2

purpeople1 purpeople2 purpeople3


faery2 faery3


senshi1 senshi2


straw1 straw2

wired1 wired2 wired4wired5 wired3

alice2 alice1


schiele1 schiele2


lastdance1 lastdance2