These are projects I’ve either made or have been involved in, in reverse chronological order:


A Love Letter to Japan (April 2015).  Ben and I finally went on our 5-year-deferred honeymoon. This is a visual digest of our trip, to the tunes of “Love Letter to Japan” by The Bird and The Bee and “Kasa No Hone” by Anathallo.


Geek Chic Episode 11 (March 2013). This is me making a dork of myself on an interview about some Dragon’s Lair costumes I made for Michelle and Amanda.


Me and My Companion Cube (December 2011). Original music video by Michelle Osorio of Kill9Studios. I helped make the companion cube and companion cube costume and ran errands on set.


Werewolves With Top Hats (June 2011). Original music video by Michelle Osorio. I was responsible for wardrobe, though I cannot take credit for the incredible fur suit, which was made entirely by the actress (whose name escapes me).


Gravy Rainbow (April 2011). My husband requested that I do a cover of the song Gravy Rainbow by Disasteradio for his birthday. I don’t think he actually believed I would do it, let alone make a music video of sorts to go with it.


Boomer’s Day Off Series (2009). This was a web miniseries by Michelle Osorio and Ben Paddon. Again, I did some wardrobe and ran errands. I think I might actually be listed as “tongue-maker” or the like in the credits of one of those videos. But anyway, I got an IMDB Credit for this one.


We Feel Love (October 2009). Ben “For The Win” Peterson and I got married in a lavish celebration that more or less resembled a rock concert. We began the ceremony with this fake Rock Band (as in, the video game) video. Ron Ilano captured the game footage, Chris Canning stripped the original vocals from the Venus Hum/Blue Man Group recording of I Feel Love, and Nas Helewa played the drums for the video and gave Ben lessons for the ceremony. I sang and cut together the video. Also thanks to Felici Photography for the great engagement photos!


Puppenhausbuch (Circa 2009). A short stop-motion showing off a dollhouse book I made. Music by Nebyoolae. The doll is a Puki Sugar from FairyLand Dolls.


Dusk (April 2005). Short stills film I made on the transience of memory and personal history.


California (Circa 2005). I cut together this music video using insanely washed out footage my dad took when some family came to visit. Music by Phantom Planet.