Tiny Gestures

February 2006


From Left to Right:

Love’s A Gamble. Approx. 3″. Papier mache heart box, tissue, playing cards, sewing notions, wire, matches, dictionary clippings, condoms, cigarettes, dried flowers, ink.

Desire. Approx. 1″x1.5″x.5″. Matchbox, matches, ribbon, fake flowers, sewing notions, dictionary clippings, vintage photo, paint.

Mermaid. Approx. 2″x2″x1″. Papier mache box, paint, shells, dried sea star/horse, feathers, sewing notions, vintage pin-up charm, dictionary clippings.

Treasure. Approx 1″x1.5″x.5″. Matchbox, paint, glass bottle, shells, key charm, dried sea horse, dictionary clippings.

The first small assemblage, Love’s A Gamble, began with the idea of being an unusual Valentine but ended up being an unsent statement about the intended recipient and my uncertainty about his intentions. The subsequent small assemblages were not so much emotionally invested as they were results of my creative momentum. I liked the idea of taking a word and interpreting it visually with these palm-sized collages.