Soft Sculpture

Very Bad Elf. December 2014. Felted head ~5″, resting on a standard bottle of Very Bad Elf Ale. Wool fiber, glass bottle, cotton thread, leaf pins, jingle bell, copper wire, synthetic felt cloth.

elf-bottle elf-close elf-flash-1 elf-flash-2 elf-flash-3 elf-no-flash-1 elf-no-flash-2 elf-no-flash-3

Unico. September 2014. 3″. Wool fiber, waxed cotton thread.

unico-1 unico-2 unico-3 unico-4

Oiseaux. September 2014. 1.5″ Wool fiber.

oiseaux-1 oiseaux-2 oiseaux-3

Science 1.1. September 2014. 3″. Wool fiber.

science-1 science-2 science-3 bigscililsci

Asagao. August 2014. 3.75″. Wool fiber.

asagao-1 asagao-2 asagao-3

Peaches. August 2014. 2″. Wool fiber.

peaches-1 peaches-2

Cirrus. August 2014. 3″ Wool fiber.

cirrus-1 cirrus-2 cirrus-3

Glomp. August 2014. 2.5″. Wool fiber, cotton thread, acrylic beads.

glomp-1 glomp-2 glomp-3 glomp-4

Otterlock and Wats-hog. August 2014. 1″-2″. Wool fiber, cotton thread, glass seed beads.

otterlock-1 otterlock-2

Osca. August 2014. 3.5″. Wool fiber.

osca-1 osca-2 osca-3 osca-4 osca-5