Circa 1997-1999



statikthotresidu, while not my first homepage, was the first homepage I was proud enough of to take a screencapture. It was hosted at the now-defunct “8m” domain, which was part of Freeservers, which was not actually free if you did not want banners on your page. Part of the reason I was so proud of it was because it was the first site I effectively coded from scratch using frames. I also scanned and edited a bunch of Kamel adverts from Rollingstone, which I used as a background for each of the pages. Because I like the aesthetic of vintage pin-ups and because red was my favorite color, this remains one of my favorite layouts. I am very sad I lost the zip disk (lol, talk about obsolete media) this layout lives on, although I’m not as sad about the loss of the content.

In case you are unable to tell, the site’s name is actually “static thought residue.” Don’t ask me why I thought, at the time, it was cool to misspell that, or why I wanted my site to be called such. I was fifteen, at its conception.